Sweet Nothings


Sweet Nothings
Minimum number of guests: 10
$9.50 per person     

What you get:
•    Chef's selection of cakes, slices, Danish pastries, muffins and other sweet delights
     (Overall 2 pcs per person will be provided)

The selected package goes well with the below options.
•    Add Freshly brewed tea and coffee  - $2.50 per person 
     Provided in Thermo-pots, ready to serve, sugar, milk, tea selection with bio-degradable disposable cups. Urn can be provided, if required.
•    Add Bio-degradable Plates, cutlery  - $2.00 per person
•    Add Crockery (Plates, cutlery, waterglass)  - $3.50 per person
•    Add Mango Lassi  - $4.00 per person
•    Add Fruit Platter  - $4.00 per person
•    Add Bottled Orange juice  - $10 per two litres

What you get: