Indian Gourmet Package

Indian Gourmet Package


Indian Gourmet Package
$27.00 per person
Minimum number of guests: 10

What you get:

Aloo Tikki Channa Masala (vegan, gf) x 1pp
Potato-lentils patties with curried chickpeas 
Masala Paneer Croissants (veg) x 1pp                               OR    Tandoori Chicken Pao 'Slider' x 1pp
Croissant sandwich with Indian cottage cheese filling           OR    Tandoori Chicken with salad in homemade Pao Bread
Lemon Rice n' Veggies Salad (vegan, gf)                           OR     Kerala Lamb Pepper Fry Salad (gf)  
Tempered rice, mix veggies with mustard-lemon dressing    OR  Kerala style pot-roasted lamb with rocket cherry tomato salad
Coconut Barfi (veg, gf)  
Coconut fudge
Seasonal Fruit Cups (Cut Fruits)


    • Add Freshly brewed tea and coffee - $2.50 per person 
      Provided in Thermo-pots, ready to serve, sugar, milk, tea selection with bio-degradable disposable cups. Urn can be provided if required.
    • Add Bio-degradable Plates, cutlery - $2.00 per person
    • Add Crockery (Plates, cutlery, water glass)- $3.50 per person
    • Add Mango Lassi- $4.00 per person
    • Add Fruit Platter - $4.00 per person
    • Add Bottled Orange juice- $10 per two litres
    • Add Cheese and Nuts Platter - 8.00 per person