Graze Platters

Graze Platters


Graze Platters
Minimum number of guests: 10
$20.50 per person

What you get:

Platter with a selection of cold meats and veggie crudités

Dips and assorted bread selection

Creamy Potato Salad with Sour cream and Chives

Chef's selection Cake Slices

Seasonal Fruit Cups (Cut Fruits)

    • Add Freshly brewed tea and coffee - $2.50 per person 
      Provided in Thermo-pots, ready to serve, sugar, milk, tea selection with bio-degradable disposable cups. Urn can be provided if required.
    • Add Bio-degradable Plates, cutlery - $2.00 per person
    • Add Crockery (Plates, cutlery, water glass)- $3.50 per person
    • Add Mango Lassi- $4.00 per person
    • Add Fruit Platter - $4.00 per person
    • Add Bottled Orange juice- $10 per two litres
    • Add Cheese and Nuts Platter - 8.00 per person