Full Day - Executive

Full Day - Executive

$44.50  Per Person

Meeting, Workshop, Conference Full Day Packages
Minimum number of guests: 10
$44.50 per person  
What you get:

       ▪ Tea/ Coffee Station set up with crockery
       ▪ Morning Tea 
            - Chef's selection Sweet treats 
            - Assorted Cookies
            - Fruit Bowl
       ▪ Lunch 
    A. Chef's Selection of savoury baked treats
    B. Choice of sliders and sandwiches with 
    • Indian fillings
    • Chef's selection of cold meat and salad sandwiches
    C. Salad of the Day 
    D. Bottled Orange Juice

       ▪ Afternoon Tea

Chef's selection savoury and sweet treats (different from Morning Tea)

Premium disposable plates and cutlery included in the package.

End of day collect and wrap up


     • Add Crockery, Cutlery and water glass set - $4.50 per person per set
     • Add Freshly brewed tea and coffee - $3.50 per person
      - Provided in Thermo-post, ready to serve, sugar and milk, tea selection with bio-          degradable disposable cups. Urn can be provided if required.
     • Add Mango Lassi- $4.00 per person
     • Add Bottled Orange juice- $10 per two litres                                                                   • Add Fruit Platter - $4.00 per person
     • Add Cheese and Nuts Platter - $8.00 per person​