Indian Gourmet Package


Indian Gourmet Package
$22.50 per person
Minimum number of guests: 10

What you get:

Aloo Tikki Channa Masala (vegan, gf) x 1.5pp
Potato-lentils patties with curried chickpeas 

Masala Paneer Croissants (veg) x 1pp
Croissant sandwich with Indian cottage cheese filling

Tandoori Chicken Pao 'Slider' x 1pp
Tandoori Chicken with salad in homemade Pao Bread

Kerala Lamb Pepper Fry Salad (gf)
Kerala style pot-roasted lamb with rocket cherry tomato salad

Lemon Rice n' Veggies Salad (vegan, gf)-  
Tempered rice, mix veggies with mustard and lemon dressing

Coconut Barfi (veg, gf) -
Coconut fudge

    • Add Freshly brewed tea and coffee - $2.50 per person 
      Provided in Thermo-pots, ready to serve, sugar, milk, tea selection with bio-degradable disposable cups. Urn can be provided if required.
    • Add Bio-degradable Plates, cutlery - $2.00 per person
    • Add Crockery (Plates, cutlery, water glass)- $3.50 per person
    • Add Mango Lassi- $4.00 per person
    • Add Fruit Platter - $4.00 per person
    • Add Bottled Orange juice- $10 per two litres
    • Add Cheese and Nuts Platter - 8.00 per person

Indian Gourmet